Safety Around Water

Splash – changed to Safety Around Water

Safety Around Water is a program designed to reduce children’s risk of drowning by teaching them basic water safety skills. Set up for school group, camps, church groups, or families to come in and take the Safety Around Water program to help learn basic water skills such as our “Jump, Push, Turn, Grab” which teaches swimmers to return to the wall if they fall into the water, or “Swim, Float, Swim” which works on turning over onto the back and learning to float so that swimmers can get a breath or rest before returning to swim for the wall. It also teaches safety skills such as calling 911, Reach or Throw but Do Not Go and how to safely save a friend without enter the water, pool drain safety, boating safety, and how to safely wear a lifejacket. This program can be taught over a week and can be set up through either Kendall Dalzell, Aquatics Coordinator, or Joyce Bruett, Senior Program Director, Prices vary depending on the number of participants. Please email for available dates, time, and prices.