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Core Sports Train picWhether it’s gaining the confidence that comes from learning how to swim or building the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork from being part of a swim team, swimming at the Y is about building the whole child, from the inside out.

YMCA youth sports focuses on nurturing kids true potential. Whether your child joins one of our basketball leagues or plays in a flag football team they’ll discover a sports program that emphasizes developing sportsmanship. Additionally they will enjoy making new friends, and most of all they will have fun! All players enjoy equal play time, no try-outs, and supportive volunteer coaches who are parents just like you.

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Pool Rules
  1. A minimum of one lap lane will be available during all hours of operation, except during swim team season.
  2. If there are two swimmers in a lane, they may split the lane until a third swimmer joins them. The first person to enter that lane has the choice of splitting or circle swimming.
  3. When three or more swimmers are in one lane, they must swim in a counterclockwise direction with their right side swimming close to the lane line.
  4. Make sure that proper circle swim etiquette is followed (faster swimmers go first, slower swimmers follow).
  5. In designated lap swim lanes, a child may use the lap swim lane if they are swimming in a proper manner and not interfering with other lap swimmers in that lane.
  6. Water exercisers may use lap lanes to exercise if space is available.
  7. No one is allowed to swim if they have open sores, rashes, or any infectious conditions.
  8. No running on the pool deck.
  9. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, or otherwise introducing contaminants into the pool is not permitted.
  10.  No pushing, dunking, or horseplay of any kind.
  11.  Profanity or improper behavior is prohibited.
  12.  No street shoes on the pool deck.
  13.  Only bathing suits are permitted in the pool. No shorts, cut-offs, gymnastics leotards, basketball shorts, or undergarments are allowed. See additional section for the rules regarding t-shirts.
  14.  Lifejackets that fit and YMCA float belts are the only flotation devices allowed during Open Swim and Rentals, and must follow the posted rule of being used in the shallow end only. Other YMCA equipment and toys are only permitted in the pool during Open Swim or Rentals at the discretion of the lifeguard.
  15.  Inflatable toys are not allowed in the pool.
  16.  Glass containers and food are not allowed in locker rooms or pool area. Gum is not allowed in the pool or pool area.
  17.  Mask, fins, and snorkels are allowed during Open and Lap Swim, but they are subject to the discretion of the lifeguard.
  18.  Youth swimmers must pass a swim test before going to the deep end- Test, Mark, and Protect
  19.  Shower before entering the pool.
  20.  All children who are not toilet-trained shall wear tight fitting rubber or plastic pants or swim diapers.
  21.  Eyeglasses must have safety straps during Open Swim and classes. Eyeglasses are not allowed during Lap Swim or when a person swims underwater.
  22.  Remove adhesive bandages prior to swimming.
  23.  Diving at the shallow end is strictly prohibited.
  24.  All entries (jumps, dives, etc.) must be from a forward position.
  25.  No hanging on lane lines or lifelines.
  26.  The starting blocks are for swim team and lessons only.
  27.  Pool set-up and lane configuration may change depending on class enrollments and the number of swimmers present at any given time.
  28.  The decision of the lifeguard is final. Please cooperate with the lifeguards. For your safety, the lifeguard reserves the right to impose/enforce additional rules as needed.
Guidelines for T-Shirts in the Pool
  1. The shirt must be short sleeve or sleeveless and the bottom must not go past the waist.
  2. The shirt must fit close to the skin, as if it were a second layer of skin.
  3. The swimmer must stay in the shallow end of the pool.
  4. The lifeguard on duty has the final say whether the shirt is in compliance or not.
Open Swim Guidelines
  1. Youth 10 years and older may swim unsupervised by a parent or adult.
  2. Children 9 years and younger must have a parent or an adult present with them in a swim suit and in the pool. The parent or adult may not watch them from the deck in clothes or in their swim suit. They also may not swim laps and leave the child unattended in the shallow end, even if the child can swim.
  3. Children 5 years and younger MUST have an adult or parent in the water with them within arm’s reach at all times.