Fitness Events

Indoor Ironman Challenge

Care to see if you have the makings of an Ironman? Start by taking a month to complete the rigorous Ironman Race but over the month instead of a day.

Conquer the 2.4-mile swim in our heated swimming pool by working your way through the 4000 yards or 80 laps (160 lengths). Normally completed in under 2 hours and 20 minutes, you can race to see if your time can beat the clock.

Next is the staggering 112-mile bike in our fitness center, with recumbent bikes, or in our virtual room with our cycling class bikes. The bike portion can vary from 7 hours and forty minutes up to eight hours and ten minutes depending on the course, or 10 to 10 hours and 30 minutes from the start of the swim.

Finally is the run, the marathon. 26.22-miles. This portion would normally need to be completed within 17 to 18 hours after the start of the swim, but in our temperature-controlled fitness center or on our indoor running track (or feel free to run outside in this great fall weather and log your distance), but you can feel free to do any of the challenge in any order.

Fill our your REGISTRATION FORM and return it to the Front Desk today and start your journey Monday, November 1st (or anytime in November), but all logs must be completed by Tuesday, November 30th. After registering a log sheet will be put into the notebook by the Front Desk for you to record your progress. Please remember to keep track of all your progress so we can root you on!